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Date: Fri 29 Dec 2006
Subject: Support Israel! End US Arms embargo of Jewish State! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Quoting "Israeli and U.S. sources" MENL reports that the State Department
has blocked the transfer of weapons and technology to Israel over the past
three months reflecting deteriorating relations between the two countries
since the war in Lebanon in August of this year.

This MENL report is credible given the current number of anti-Israel
positions your administration publicly advocates. The New York Times
reported on December 28 in article by Helene Cooper that your
administration "Scolds Israel on plan for West Bank Settlement." This
"scolding" was not even balanced by any pro-forma criticism of Palestinian
Arab rocket fire from Gaza.

Furthermore you have personally repeated your call for a Palestinian Arab
State in Israel's Biblical heartland. You continue to do this despite the
support of the vast majority of those Palestinian Arabs for their
democratically elected Hamas government which unabashedly calls for the
destruction of all of Israel. Similarly you continue to applaud when
Israel succumbs to your persistent pressure to ease travel restrictions on
Palestinian Arab suicide bombers. You do so even though the West Bank
checkpoints you oppose are repeatedly catching Palestinian Arab terrorists
with suicide belts on their way to fulfill their murderous missions in
Jewish communities.

Please end your administration's quiet arms embargo of Israel. Please end
your public support for a PLO state in Israel's Biblical heartland. As
America faces its own war for survival against Islamic terror we can ill
afford to abandon Israel. Undermining Israeli security for the applause
of Arab terrorists is not only immoral but impractical as well. Since
Israel is the only American ally willing to send large numbers--hundreds
of thousands--of its own sons and daughters to the front lines of this
global war for survival against Islamic terror American security suffers
as Israel security suffers.





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