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Date: Fri 2 Mar 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israel: Dollars to PLO puts bullets in

Support Israel: Aid to the Palestinian Arabs Results in Attacks against
Israeli Civilians

Dear Mr. President:

The Palestinian Arabs are continuing their bombardment of Israeli cities
from their enclave in Gaza. Critics of Israel have claimed that the
supposed Israeli blockade of Gaza is causing undue hardship to the
Palestinian Arabs. Yet these Arabs have embarked on an aggressive campaign
to arm themselves and attack Israel. Israeli attempts to stop the
importing of arms into Arab Gaza have failed to stop these attacks.

Your administration?s aid to the Palestinian Arabs will allow the
Palestinian Arab terrorist regime to use its other resources for the
arming of its forces against Israel. Five rockets were launched against
Israeli cities the other day. Aid to the Palestinian Arabs encourages
these attacks.

The agreement between the supposedly moderate terrorist Abbas and the
Hamas government of Arab Gaza has given the terrorist regime the ability
to arm itself against Israel. This cannot be tolerated. Israeli defense
minister Peretz has stated "We have no intention of letting them turn this
into a bona fide threat to Israel. We are doing everything within our
power to maintain the cease-fire and to avoid the escalation that the
extremists are hoping for."

In order to maintain peace and the safety of both the Jewish and Arab
residents of the region I urge you to stop all aid to the Palestinian

Respectfully yours


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