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Date: Thu 8 Mar 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israel! End Bush Funding of Hamas

Dear Mr. President:

The State Department said Monday March 5 that it was looking into a
report that the United States has provided millions of dollars in
financial support to two Palestinian universities including one
controlled by Hamas. The Washington Times reported that the institutions
had participated in the "advocacy support or glorification of terrorism."

The paper also cited that since Congress changed the 2004 law restricting
aid to entities or individuals "involved in or advocating terrorist
activity" the US Agency for International Development (USAID) had
provided more than $140000 in assistance to the Hamas-controlled Islamic
University in Gaza alone and had given scholarships to 49 of its students.
"It is outrageous that US taxpayer dollars are going toward institutions
that support terrorists" said Rep. Gary Ackerman New York Democrat and
chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Middle East and
South Asia.

Mr. President I agree with Representative Ackerman. It is outrageous and
it is happening on your watch. If you disapprove of funding Hamas with US
tax dollars you should end it immediately. If you allow it to continue
you undermine the brave men and women in our armed services who are making
such enormous sacrifices in America's fight for survival against Islamist





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