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Date: Sun 18 Mar 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israel not Iran's Proxies in PLO! (VIPAC)

Support Israel: End Support of Iran?s Terror Proxies in the Palestine Arab

Dear Mr. President:

In a recent speech before an AIPAC Policy Conference plenary Pastor John
Hagee founder of Christians United For Israel discussed the dangers in
the Middle East. . "It is 1938" Hagee said "Iran is Germany and
Ahmadinejad is the new Hitler. We must stop Iran's nuclear threat and
stand boldly with Israel the only democracy in the Middle East."

Recent headlines in the Jerusalem Post read like a war zone: Israeli
vehicle damaged by stones near Kalkilya; 2 Arabs nabbed in Jerusalem for
15 car break-ins; Kassam rocket lands in western Negev; IDF finds bomb
near southern Gaza security fence; Five Arabs held for firebombing and
stoning attack.

Iran?s proxy terrorists are launching rockets and bombs at Israeli cities
bordering Gaza. Suicide bombers are attempting to infiltrate Israeli
cities in an effort to kill and maim civilians. The lessons Iran has
learned through its terror proxies in Israel are being put to use in other
parts of the Middle East.

It is time to recognize that despite the fact that the media does not
headline the daily attacks the level of attacks are a serious threat to
Israeli civilians. It is time to step up and stop those who support
Palestinian Arab terror.

I urge your government to stop all aid to the Iranian proxy Palestinian
Arab Authority.

Respectfully yours


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