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Date: Thu 22 Mar 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israel! End Bush Dollars for PLO

Dear Mr. President:

On Monday March 19 at the Fourth Annual Jerusalem Conference Dr. David
Bukai Professor of Middle Eastern Affairs at Haifa University said that:
"The main site of anti-Semitism in the Middle East and maybe in the whole
world is in the Palestinian Authority." Such a statement should give
your administration reason to pause its ever-accelerating flow of hundreds
of millions of US taxpayers dollars to the Palestinian Authority.

Professor Bukai detailed some aspects of the Palestinian Authority's
Jew-hatred: "It is found in government announcements and in the media
and mainly in the schools. No other school system in the world has
anti-Semitism as bad as in the Palestinian Authority which is filled all
over the place with calls for the destruction of Israel as a Jewish state
and its replacement with an Arab state. MEMRI and Palestinian Media Watch
bring this out very well."

The New York Times on March 21 ( Aid to Palestinians Rose Despite an
Embargo - New York Times ) reported: "The United States...provided more
aid to the Palestinians in 2006 than 2005. Washington increased its aid to
$468 million in 2006 from $400 million in 2005."

Mr. President your policy would be understandable if it were coming from
the extreme left wing of the Democratic party which has embraced Senator
Obama's recent distortion that "Nobody is suffering more than the
Palestinian people." However the truth is that no people has produced
more suicide bombers than the Palestinian Arabs. No people has made
murder of Jews part of their children's mandatory school curriculum more
than the Palestinian Arabs. No one has made their infants wear toddler
suicide bomber uniforms more than the Palestinian Arabs. No people fires
more rockets each day into Israel's cities and towns more than the
Palestinian Arabs. No people has voted in a free and fair election for a
government more open in its desire to destroy Israel than have the
Palestinian Arabs.

In sum no people are greater criminals than the Palestinian Arabs and no
people are less worthy of American tax dollars than the Palestinian Arabs.

Please Mr. President end all of the hundreds of millions of dollars your
administration sends to the Palestinian Arabs each year. They don't
deserve it and the American people deserve better purposes for their tax




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