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Date: Fri 4 May 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israel: End Re-Supply of Hezbollah

Dear Mr. President:

David Makovsky in the May 2 2007 edition of the Washington Post
reported that =93The causes of last year's war with Hezbollah in Lebanon
still exist - and may spark another conflagration. Israel resorted to
military action last July largely because the UN did nothing to implement
Security Council Resolutions 1559 and 1680 which made clear that Hezbollah
should disband and be disarmed. Israel was left to fend for itself after
Hezbollah crossed a UN-demarcated line killed three Israeli soldiers and
kidnapped two soldiers it still has not released.=94

After the end of that war the United Nations passed Security Council
Resolution 1701 which called for an international embargo to prevent
Hezbollah from being re-supplied with weapons. However the UN has not
acted to implement this resolution. UN =93Peacekeepers=94 are standing arou=
with their eyes closed at Lebanon=92s borders as Syria and Iran smuggle
weapons into Lebanon. I urge you to speak up and use your influence to
stop Syria and Iran from re-supplying the Hezbollah terrorists.

Your resolve in this matter in support of Israel will help save innocent

Respectfully yours

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