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Date: Fri 11 May 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israel and Fort Dix! End Dollars for PLO

Dear Mr. President:

Secretary Rice presented Israel with suggestions for "benchmarks" during
her recent trip to the Middle East. One of those benchmarks was the
removal of military checkpoints in Judea and Samaria and another was the
establishment of a convoy of PLO busses from Gaza to the Hebron that
Israel could not stop or inspect in route. Both of these ideas represent
horrible compromises of Israeli security and sovereignty and you should
stop promoting them.

Your administration has repeatedly forced Israel to dismantle check points
in Judea and Samaria and they have repeatedly lead to increased murder of
Jews by PLO terrorists. Unless you approve of this result I suggest you
cease advocating this approach. As for "secure" PLO convoys from Gaza to
the West Bank that will only facilitate the rocket fire Israel now
suffers from Gaza to originate from the West Bank as well. Such a
development will lead to war not peace.

I would like to point out that even though America and Canada are not at
war if an American citizen wants to travel to Alaska from the lower 48
states Canadian Mounties will permit no similar "secure" convoys of
Americans to cross their territory. Instead the Mounties will insist on
their right to inspect each American car as it crosses the border and
maintain their right to stop any one of those cars at any point along the
road to Alaska. Israel's PLO neighbors are not peace-loving Canadians as
evidenced by their daily launching of rockets and suicide bombing attacks
against Israel's cities and villages. Such murderous PLO neighbors are
not deserving of more liberties in their travels than Americans are
permitted in Canada.

Instead of presenting benchmarks that compromise Israeli security and
sovereignty why not present benchmarks that will compromise PLO terror?
For example why not insist that not another dime of American tax payers'
money will be sent to the PLO if they fire even one more rocket into
Israel? That would send a message that would discourage Islamists all
over the world including American Islamists plotting domestic terror
attacks like those arrested this week for planning to attack Fort Dix.





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