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Date: Fri 8 Jun 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israel: End the Double Standard

Dear Mr. President:

In an article in entitled =93Terror and Double
Standards=94 Jacob Laksin sites the almost universal condemnation of Arab
terror groups occupying a Lebanese settlement: =93=85 the Arab League=85has
leapt to defend Lebanon's right to act against terror. To that end it has
issued a statement in which it =91strongly condemned the criminal and
terrorist acts carried out by the terrorist group known as Fatah
al-Islam.=92 In addition the league has pledged to =91give its full support
to the efforts of the army and the Lebanese government to impose security
and stability=92 in Lebanon even promising military assistance the Lebanese
army.=94 This response is in stark contrast to the Arab Leagues response to
=93=85 the Israeli army=92s counteroffensive last summer against Hezbollah.
Triggered by the Lebanese terrorist group=92s illicit capture of Israeli
soldiers its naked violation of Israeli sovereignty and its ceaseless
shelling of northern Israel the war made the Jewish state into an object
of international vituperation. For daring to defend herself against
terror Israel not for the first time was all but banished from the
society of civilized nations.=94

World hypocrisy is at an all time high. Condemnation of a democratic
country as it responds to murderous attacks against its citizens. Silence
in the face of Arab genocide in Darfur. British academia boycotting
Israeli scholars in protest against Israeli attempts to end violence
against its citizens.

In the last twenty four hours at least 4 rockets were launched against
Israeli cities from Arab Gaza. The World is silent!

I urge you to support Israel in the face of World condemnation. The
=93Double Standard=94 is a form of terror itself.

Respectfully yours

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