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Date: Fri 15 Jun 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israel! End Bush Bucks for PLO Terror

Dear Mr. President:

All of the weapons war material and finances that over the last six
years you have given to the PLO in Gaza is now in the hands of the Hamas
terrorists who are now in total control of Gaza. Hamas is on the short
list of terrorist organizations that are so extreme that it is illegal for
Americans to contribute aid or arms to them. But in effect using the PLO
as an incompetent middleman that is exactly what your administration has

I am certain this was not what you had planned when you initially
supported the establishment of a PLO state. But this is the way it has

It is now time that you recognize the tragic reality that in America's war
for survival against Islamic Jihadist terror the PLO is America's
adversary not its ally. It is time that you stopped your financial
political and military aid to the PLO that too often ends up in the hands
of Hamas terrorists. It is time that instead of supporting the PLO-Hamas
axis of terror you declare your support for Israel's historical and
Biblical right of sovereignty in all of Judea Samaria Gaza the Golan
Heights and Jerusalem.





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