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Date: Fri 22 Jun 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israel: Don't give $ to terrorists!

Dear Mr. President:

The events occurring this week in Gaza have made me wonder how we can
continue supporting and providing aid to the Palestinian Arabs. Israel
unilaterally withdrew from Gaza in an effort to provide a separation
between its citizens and the Arabs. Instead of a quiet border it is facing
an even greater threat to its existence from a terrorist state. In an
article written on Friday June 22 2007 Charles Krauthammer analyzes the
current situation with a realistic view: "Gaza is now run not by a
conventional political party but by a movement that is revolutionary
Islamist and terrorist. Worse Hamas is a client of Iran. Gaza now
constitutes the farthest reach of the archipelago of Iranian proxies:
Hamas in Palestine Hezbollah in Lebanon the Mahdi Army (among others) in
Iraq and the Alawite regime of Syria."

The American Government sent millions of dollars in military aid to Gaza
in an effort to support the Abbas government. The Arabs did what they do
best - run. All the aid fell into the hands of the Arab Hamas terrorists.

Are Abbas and his Fatah an ally for peace? In 2005 the Fatah sent 47
suicide bombers into Israel (fortunately all of them failed) which is an
even higher number than the Hamas which sent "only" 29 suicide bombers in
the same year

How can we send any more to Abbas and to Gaza when it will be used to
terrorize Israel and our Middle East allies?

I urge you to stand fast and end all aid to the Palestinian Arabs.

Respectfully yours

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