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Date: Fri 3 Mar 2000
Subject: Support Israel not Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon


Dear Mr. President:

On Feb 17 James Rubin spoke in the name of your State Department and
criticized Israel for damaging Lebanese civilian infrastructure even though
not a single civilian was killed. Neither Mr. Rubin nor any other member of
your administration criticized the Hezbollah terrorists for using the
Lebanese civilian population as a human shield for their attacks against
Israel. I think the way your administration handled these issues is wrong
and cruel.

Hezbollah terrorists contrary to the Grapes of Wrath understandings fire
upon Israelis from civilian villages. For you to insist that Israel has no
right to return fire upon those who are shooting at them makes the Israelis
sitting ducks for the murderous Hezbollah. Your administration is
compounding the cruel policy of the Hezbollah terrorist by adding your own
political shield to the civilian shield the Hezbollah uses. Such an approach
makes your administration a political accomplice to the Hezbollah attacks
against Israel.

When your administration decided to bomb Serbia last year you insisted that
our forces do so from a safe distance even though hospitals old age homes
foreign embassies and many other civilian targets were inadvertently
destroyed and hundreds of civilians were killed as a result. For your
administration now to insist that Israelis not be allowed to defend
themselves--even when attacked--because of possible civilian damages is an
act of hypocrisy of abysmal proportions.

Please stop providing political cover for the Hezbollah as they kill
Israelis. Please express strong public support for Israel's right to self
defense even when attacked by cowardly terrorists who uses civilians for
human shield. Please let the world know that when Israel responds to
Hezbollah attacks launched from civilian locations that the loss of civilian
lives is regrettable but is the sole responsibility of the Hezbollah who
chose to turn civilian territories into battle grounds.


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