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Date: Fri 29 Jun 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israeli rule in West Bank

Dear Mr. President:

"There seems little immediate chance of a Hamas rout in the West Bank like
there was in Gaza but that is at least partly because unlike Gaza the
West Bank remains under Israeli military occupation."

The above assessment was reported in the New York Times by Isabel Kershner
on June 25 in her article titled "Israel Will Support Abbas With
Millions From Taxes." Both the New York Times and this reporter are
fiercely opposed to Israeli rule in Judea and Samaria as indicated by
their use of the partisan term "occupation." Yet even they must print and
report that Israeli rule on the West Bank is crucial to prevent a Hamas
takeover there.

In Gaza Israel pulled out and Hamas took over despite all that your
envoy Lt. Gen. Keith W. Dayton did to support the PLO there. The 40
million American tax dollars and the enormous supplies of American
weaponry and training that General Dayton gave to the PLO in Gaza at your
behest did not change the outcome there. Hamas emerged as victorious
against Fatah in the battlefields of Gaza as it did in the recent general
Palestinian Arab elections.

The same military victory for Hamas will happen in the West Bank if you
don't ensure continued Israeli rule in Judea and Samaria. Even the New
York Times with its anti-Israeli "occupation" bias had to acknowledge
this reality in Kershner's recent article. It is time that you
acknowledged that same reality and supported permanent Israeli sovereignty
in Judea and Samaria with limited local autonomy for the Arab population
as envisioned in the original Camp David Accords signed by Menachem Begin
of blessed memory.

Otherwise Hamas wins and that is worse for America than it is for
Israel. Because Hamas together with its partner Iran views America as
the "Great Satan" and Israel as only the "Little Satan." A Palestinian
Arab Hamas state would be an active partner in Iran's plan to fulfill its
oft-repeated public vow of bringing "Death to America Death to the Great
Satan." Israeli sovereignty in Judea Samaria Jerusalem the Golan
Heights and Gaza is the Biblically and historically correct solution for
Hamas' strategic threat to American security.





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