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Date: Sun 8 Jul 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israel: Redirection of Efforts toward

Dear Mr. President:

The recent appointment of the ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair as
special Middle East envoy for peace is encouraging. But is the =93Roadmap to
Peace=94 the right formula to achieve stability in the area and throughout
the world? In a recent article in the World Net Daily Joseph Farah
suggests a redirection of efforts in order to bring an end to the world
wide terrorist threat.

Farah suggests that =93Peace can only be achieved as Ronald Reagan and
Winston Churchill instructed us by striving for strength and sticking to
principle=85 Peace is nearly always an option for those facing armed
aggression. You can usually achieve it through surrender. But surrender
usually brings about other consequences like loss of freedom=85 Now given
that there is only one truly free country in the Middle East Israel it
would seem in the best interest of the world the region and the people of
the area =96 Arabs Israelis Muslims Jews and Christians =96 to expand the
tiny state of Israel so that more can live in freedom and fewer in bondage
and servitude to the state.=94

Farah suggests that we stop stressing a goal of =93Peace=94 and start
stressing =93Freedom=94 for all people. Farah maintains that people who are
free will be interested in keeping a peaceful Middle East. Farah=92s formula
is to =93Disengage from any further efforts to create a Palestinian
state=85Cut off all funding to the Palestinian Authority=85 and allow and
encourage Israel to defend itself without interference or condemnation. =93

Funding the Palestinian Arab Authority has only encouraged Hamas
Hezbollah and the other terrorist organizations. It is time to change our
policy from one that has not produced results. Farah=92s suggestions seem to
be a valid alternative to years of fruitless efforts.

Respectfully yours

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