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Date: Fri 20 Jul 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israel: Concessions to Arab Despots Will

Dear Mr. President:

The war in Iraq began as a war against a despotic dictator and has evolved
into a war to establish a bridgehead for democracy in the Arab world. At
the same time your Administration and those of your predecessors have been
forcing our democratic ally Israel into making concessions that are
putting its existence in jeopardy.

This week you have announced that your Administration will be sponsoring
an initiative to begin building a Palestinian state. For the past century
every concession given to the Arabs has resulted in greater demands and
less security for Israel. Despite massive amounts of assistance and aid
given to the Palestinian Arabs over the last 60 years the area remains
the most depressed and backward in the world. It remains a haven for
terrorists and revolutionaries because of the support and encouragement of
a number of regimes in the area. What assurances can you give Israel and
those who support and sympathize with it as the only true democracy in the
Middle East that the peace conference you propose will not result in a
further deterioration to the security of Israel=92s civilian population?

The recent aid sent by our government and the European Union to shore up
the Abbas regime has resulted in those arms being seized by the Hamas
terrorists. Additional support to the Palestinian Arabs both monetary and
political may go to the terrorists and their supporters in a similar

The evil Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated this week as
reported in the WorldNet Daily on July 19 2007 "We hope that the hot
weather of this summer would coincide with similar victories for the
region=91s peoples and with consequent defeat for the region=91s enemies."
Ahmadinejad said this as he was meeting with Syrian President Bashar Assad
and Hassan Nasrallah chief of the Lebanese Hezbollah militia which last
summer incited a war between Israel and his host country Lebanon.

Your Administration should not be encouraging continue Arab aggression
against Israel by pushing our democratic ally to make concessions to the
Palestinian Arabs. I urge you not to pressure Israel to make concessions
that will threaten its existence. I urge you to suspend aid and provide no
support to the Palestinian Arabs until they are committed to live with

Respectfully yours

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