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Date: Sun 5 Aug 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israel: Continuing Attacks Against Our Ally

Dear Mr. President:

Israel is under attack on all its borders and this democratic ally needs
our country=92s continuing support to help insure its existence.

On its northern border the weak Lebanese government is battling terrorist
armies who have overrun Palestinian Arab settlements located within the
Lebanese borders. Hezbollah the Lebanese Arab terror group has rearmed
and is a continuing threat as Iran=92s proxy army. Recent reports from the
WorldNet Daily say that the Syrians on Israel=92s northwest border are
heavily arming their frontier positions and preparing for war.
Within the West Bank there is a continuing presence of Palestinian Arab
terror. It has been reported that a few hundred Arab terror suspects who
were recently pardoned by Israel are threatening to resume their murderous
ways. Near the Palestinian Arab settlement of Jenin Palestinian Arabs
hurled a bomb at Israeli soldiers who were in a village west of that
settlement. No injuries were reported. Southwest of Bethlehem a firebomb
was tossed at soldiers =96 also failing to inflict injury. South of
Ramallah terrorists opened fire on Israeli troops. One was apprehended
and no injuries were reported. In Shechem terrorists opened fire on IDF
troops who then arrested four men. No injuries were reported. Jewish
civilians driving west of Ramallah were attacked by Arab terrorists with
rocks and with a Molotov Cocktail northwest of Shechem. No injuries were
reported in either attack though vehicles were heavily damaged.
In the south Israeli citizens are continuously being threatened by random
shootings and bombings. Israel=92s army recently exchanged fire with
terrorists from Gaza. Three of the terrorists killed with at least two
from Hamas terror group. On the same day other terrorists fired at
Israeli civilians working near the Gaza security fence. Arab terrorists
fired four Kassam rockets at Israeli towns in the western Negev. The
rockets landed in open areas near the Israeli city of Sderot. .

The threat to Israel is continuing and serious. Support to the Arab terror
regime of Hamas and Fatah is misplaced and a threat to our ally. I urge
you to continue to support Israel in its war against Arab terror.

Respectfully yours

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