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Date: Fri 10 Aug 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israeli Sovereignty in all of Jerusalem and

Dear Mr. President:

There is a dispute between the Jewish State of Israel and Islamist Arabs
over ownership of Jerusalem Judea Samaria and Gaza. Among the factors
supporting Israel's claim to that land are: 1) four thousand years of
Jewish history there three thousand of which were before Muhammad ever
dreamed of Islam; 2) the Bible's promise of that land to the children of
Abraham Isaac and Israel with Ishmael being specifically excluded; 3)
Israel's legitimate and successful liberation of that land in June of 1967
from Islamist Arabs who were using that land to launch a war of
extermination against the Jewish State.

Supporting the Islamist Arab side are: 1) Their deliberate program of
mass murder of Jewish civilians as they observe the Passover festival at
the Park Hotel in Netanya. 2) Their deliberate program of mass murder of
Jewish children in Kiryat Shemona Ma'alot and Misgav Am. 3) Their
deliberate program of mass murder of Jewish civilians as they ride busses
attend restaurants and pray at holy sites including Joseph's Tomb in

Mr. President whose side are you on?

Please end your administration's support for a Palestinian state on these
lands that compose the historical and Biblical heartland of the Jewish
State of Israel. Please make clear that you understand and oppose the
Islamist Arab war to exterminate Israel which Hamas supports openly and
which the PLO supports a little less openly. Please pledge your
commitment to support Israeli sovereignty in all of Jerusalem Judea
Samaria Gaza and the Golan.





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