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Date: Fri 17 Aug 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] VIPAC: Support Israel: Security of Israel is

Dear Mr. President:

The war continues to rage from Gaza against Israel. The August 15th
edition of the Jerusalem Post reported that Israeli soldiers uncovered a
tunnel leading from Gaza to Israel. =93An underground tunnel stretching
towards Israel from the northern Gaza Strip and hidden by a Palestinian
greenhouse was discovered... According to the report Palestinian terror
organizations hoped to fill the tunnel with bombs which would then be
detonated under an unspecified Israeli civilian or military target. The
army is also checking into the possibility that gunmen intended to use the
tunnel to infiltrate into Israel.=94

The Gaza threat sounds perilously similar to the tragedy that occurred in
Iraq recently where a suicide bomber killed at least 250 people in one
attack. Supporting the Arab Palestinians will allow them to continue their
attacks on Israel.

Another report in the Jerusalem Post quoted Israeli Minister Ben-Eliezer
as describing the Arab threat from the Lebanese terror organization
Hezbollah: =93Nasrallah has never lied. He is cocky he is arrogant but at
least from our experience with him to my regret what he has said he has
done. And when he says 'I have 20000 missiles' I believe him."

Israel is under attack from the north and from the south. Supporting and
aiding the Arab Palestinians in the face of the their continuing threats
and attacks against Israel is not in the interest of our country or our
democratic ally Israel. I urge you t oend all support and aid to the

Respectfully yours

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