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Date: Fri 31 Aug 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Peace in Israel

Dear Mr. President

There is no peace in Israel!

The August 31st edition of the Jerusalem Post reported that Israeli troops
=93arrested a 15-year-old Palestinian boy who had planned to perpetrate a
suicide attack against nearby Israeli forces =85 The boy was apprehended =
during an operation near Beit Hanun after he had suspiciously approached
the troops. He was later found to be carrying two large explosive devices
on his body. The military force had received intelligence of a possible
attack and had taken the necessary precautions to capture the youth
without setting off the bombs.=94 This incident is not an isolated attack
against Israel and its citizens.

The Post also reported that: =93two Kassam rockets were fired into the
western Negev. One landed in an open field and the other struck an empty
home in Sderot causing one woman light injuries and sending another woman
into shock. =93 This is not peace!

The Israeli newspaper Ha=92aretz reported that the Israeli =93security
service says 40 tons of explosives hundreds of rocket launchers and other
weapons have recently been smuggled into the Gaza Strip.=94

This is not peace!

I urge you to support Israel in the continuing Arab war against it and its
citizens. The continuing attacks from Gaza the West Bank Syria and
Lebanon must be brought to an end. Until then your Administration must not
send any aid to these regimes.

Stop the Aid to the Arabs!! Bring peace to Israel.

Respectfully yours

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