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Date: Wed 12 Sep 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israel over PLO! Judgement Day is Here!

Dear Mr. President:

Rosh Hashana the first day of the Hebrew New Year is upon us. This is
the day that the entire world is judged by the Almighty. All people
whether rich or poor powerful or weak princes or paupers all pass
before G-d and their fates for the coming year are inscribed in the
heavenly scrolls on this Day of Judgement.

Mr. President your support for a PLO state in the historic and biblical
heartland of Israel has not wavered over the last four years. Palestinian
Arabs have continuously murdered Israeli Jews during that time sometimes
at a faster tempo like at the Park Hotel Passover Massacre in Netanya and
sometimes at a slower rate but your support for a PLO state has always
remained steadfast. What kind of judgement do you think you deserve from
the Almighty for your constant support for a PLO state that incessantly
murders Jews?

How do you think the Almighty has been judging you on the Rosh Hashana
Judgement Days of these last four years? Your public approval rate has
plummeted the American economy and job growth rate are weakening and
Iraq increasingly appears as your administration's Vietnam. I don't
think you would deny that in retrospect you were not judged with Divine
favor on the last four annual Rosh Hashana Judgement Days.

But the fact that Judgement Day and the Jewish New Year day are one and
the same teaches us an important lesson. That lesson is that our
Heavenly judgements are not irrevocable. We get a new chance to deserve
a better fate each year if we only mend our ways. So please Mr.
President on this Rosh Hashana take the opportunity the Almighty is
giving us all and repent of your sins. End your support for the murderous
Hamas and PLO. Instead support Israeli sovereignty in all of its Biblical
and historical heartland including all of Jerusalem Judea Samaria the
Golan Heights and Gaza. And hopefully you will then earn a better Divine
judgement for the coming year not only for your administration but for
all of America.




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