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Date: Fri 21 Sep 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israel: Say No to an Arab State in Israel

Dear Mr. President:

The time has come to wake up and stop! The upcoming conference on the
Middle East must not turn into a =93Second Munich.=94 In 1938 the European
powers held a =93peace conference=94 in Munich and came away congratulating
themselves for having achieved =93peace for our time.=94 The Munich
Agreement sacrificed Czechoslovakia to appease Hitler. As we all know
Hitler was emboldened and quickly started World War II.

I greatly fear that just as the appeasement of Hitler precipitated WWII
so will the appeasement of the Arabs lead to World War III. And once
again the Jews will be the primary victims as it is no secret that the
Arabs=92 sole and consistent purpose remains the destruction of Israel. The
ongoing peace negotiations have nothing to do with the Arab desire for
peace with but with their desire to wipe that country off the map.

After 9/11 publicized the exponential growth of a radicalized Islam whose
goal is world domination it should be abundantly clear that what=92s true
for Israel is true for the West. It should be clear that what Arafat
started with the full support of the Arab world is being continued by
Iran Saudi Arabia and other Arab states -- whether covertly or overtly.

I urge you to end the worthless appeasement of the Arabs. Another Arab
state will not bring peace but will only encourage the radicals and lead
to an even larger war.

Respectfully yours

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