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Date: Fri 19 Oct 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israel: Arab Attacks Doom Proposed Peace

Dear Mr. President:

In a meeting with Arab and Israel families who lost relatives in the long
Arab war against Israel the President of Israel Shimon Peres stated that
=93=85 over the past three weeks six potential suicide bombers had been
apprehended as they tried to enter Israel with explosives.=94 (Jerusalem
Post October 18 2007)

This report comes along with news of the stoning of cars by Arabs in
northern Israel and the continuing rocket attacks on Israeli cities from
Arab Gaza.

There can be no peace without a conscious effort on the part of the Arabs
to recognize the existence of Israel as a Jewish State distinct from any
other Arab states in the region and until the Arabs are willing to
recognize the right of Israel and its citizens to live in peace. Without
these ingredients any and all peace conferences are doomed to failure.

I urge you to end the folly of the peace conference until the Arabs
recognize Israel=92s right to exist in peace and security.

Respectfully yours

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