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Date: Sun 28 Oct 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israel: Make A Strong and Democratic Israel

Dear Mr. President:

This week=92s news brought the usual from the Palestinian Arabs: Terrorists
operating from Gaza launched more rockets at Israeli cities. The former
mufti of Jerusalem was reported in the Jerusalem Post to have said there
never was a Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount. An Israeli civilian and a
soldier were wounded in a drive by shooting outside the Israeli city of

The reputed attackers were comprised of Palestinian Arabs of all parties:
Hamas Islamic Jihad and Al-Aska Martyrs Brigade. The latter is affiliated
with Mr. Abbas=92 Fatah Party our supposed peace partner.

How can your administration consider the Palestinian Arabs to be a viable
peace partner when they continue to attack Israel and deny that country=92s
right to exist. Please do not make the upcoming peace conference a modern
Munich. Clinton tried to make a =93Peace Agreement=94 with the Palestinian
Arabs as the defining moment of his administration and failed. I urge you
not to try to follow his lead and fall into a Palestinian Arab trap. Make
a strong democratic Israel as one of your administration=92s legacies.

Respectfully yours

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