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Date: Sun 11 Nov 2007
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Dear Mr. President:

The upcoming talks on the Arab- Israeli war should require confidence
building measures on the part of the Arabs. For over a decade the Arabs
have been attacking Israeli civilians with rockets and suicide bombers.
Hundreds of innocent Israelis have been killed or wounded. In an effort to
separate their civilian population from Arab terror Israeli politicians
handed over the Gaza Strip to the Palestinian Arab government. That
territory has since been conquered by the Hamas terrorist group and is
being used as a base to launch attacks against Israeli civilians. On a
daily basis the Arabs use this territory to launch mortars rockets and
missiles against Israeli cities and towns.

The Jerusalem Post reported this week that Hamas leader Mahmoud a-Zahar
said: =93that if Israel moves out of the West Bank Hamas will take over as
it did the Gaza Strip. =91Israel says that if it will move out of the West
bank Hamas will take control. We say this is true=92 he said.=94

Israel has made concessions for peace. It is up to the Arabs to show
Israel that they are sincere. Statements and threats by Hamas do not give
Israel the confidence it needs to take a risk with the Palestinian Arabs.
During the forthcoming talks I urge you to require the Arabs to give
Israel reason to believe they truly want peace. Without such confidence
building measures there can be no hope for peace.

Respectfully yours

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