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Date: Fri 17 Mar 2000
Subject: Support Israel not PLO war program (VIPAC)


Dear Mr. President:

Contrary to their commitments in the Oslo Accords the PLO has created a
large army failed to give up their illegal weapons nurtured a terrorist
infrastructure and continued to threaten Israel with war. Your
administration has been a vital partner in the Oslo process. For you to be
silent in the face of these PLO violations is terribly wrong.

Last month Abu Ala a member of the PLO/Fatah central committee made the
following statement which was reported in Ha'aretz on 3/15/00: "We
shall unilaterally bring our police forces into Area B territories if we do
not get them back from Israel." In a meeting of that PLO/Fatah central
committee last week that statement was amplified by the other members
declaring their intention to wage all out war against Israel if all of their
demands are not met. Your administration's silence is a form of endorsement
of this PLO war program.

Your administration should loudly and repeatedly criticize the PLO for their
flagrant and ongoing peace accord violations. You should back up such
criticism with meaningful actions such as stopping the flow of hundreds of
millions of US taxpayer's dollars that you are sending to the PLO. You
should stop your silent acquiescence of the PLO's war program and instead
support Israel's historical and Biblical claims to secure borders in Judea
Samaria and the Golan Heights.


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