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Date: Mon 19 Nov 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israel! Don't Betray Israel in Annapolis!

Dear Mr. President:

To appease the Arab terrorists your administration has exerted enormous
pressure on Israel to release hundreds of Palestinian Arabs caught in the
act of killing Jews. To appease the Arab racists who deny Israel's
undeniable Biblical and historic bond to Jerusalem your administration
has demanded that Israel surrender the Temple Mount to Arab sovereignty.
In Annapolis your administration is reported to be planning to coerce even
more dangerous concessions from Israel.

Mr. President please end your program of appeasement of Arab terrorists
and Arab racists. This was not the program you championed when you ran
for office. You promised the American people that if the Palestinian
Arabs would not abandon terror you would abandon your support for a
Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan River. On June 24 2002 you
explicitly said: "A Palestinian state will never be created by terror."

Mr. President it is time for you to redeem that pledge. In your upcoming
meeting in Annapolis please end your pressure on Israel to surrender to
Palestinian Arab terror. Please do not turn "Annapolis 2007" into "Munich
1938" by replicating the betrayals of Neville Chamberlain in your
administration's vain attempt to appease modern-day Arab terror.

Instead use the Annapolis meeting to advance the cause of freedom
decency and democracy. Use the opportunity Annapolis affords you to
insist before the entire world that there will be no American support for
any Palestinian Arab entity as long as a single rocket is fired from Gaza
towards Israel. Furthermore you should use the forum of Annapolis to
boldly proclaim that you fully support Israel's historical and Biblical
rights in Jerusalem and that as long as you are president there will be no
American support for any Palestinian Arab entity that does not similarly
acknowledge that all of Jerusalem--including the entire Temple Mount--is
Israel's eternal and indivisible capital.





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