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Date: Sun 25 Nov 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israel: Do to others as you would have them

Dear Mr. President:

This past week an Israeli civilian a father of two was murdered on his
way home to his family by Palestinian Arabs affiliated with the political
party of Palestinian Arab leader Mohammed Abbas. This coming week in
Annapolis Israeli and Arab politicians including Abbas will be meeting to
discuss the prospects of peace. Israelis will be meeting with the same
people who for decades have encouraged and promoted attacks against
innocent civilians.

News organizations over the internet radio television and print
constantly bombard us with the sight of Arabs being stopped at security
check points by Israeli security officials. We hear of the suffering of
Arabs in 60 year old =93refugee camps.=94 Very rarely do we hear of the pli=
of the Israeli families whose lives have been destroyed by Arab terror. Of
children who are orphaned and of parents who have lost children. Of the
people who have been saved by the security measures being used by the
Israelis. Once the details of the dead are given no more do we hear of the
plight of the Israeli families. We do not hear about the terror felt in
Israeli cities such as Sederot and Ashkelon as they are bombarded on a
daily basis by Arabs. We do not hear of the hundreds of thousands of Jews
who were attacked and expelled from Arab countries in the years following
Israel=92s independence.

Mr. President if El Paso was being attacked by terrorists from Mexico
would you talk peace with those terrorists. Is our country talking peace
with Osama Bin Laden and Al Queida? The Al Queida are not interested in
peace with us and neither are the Palestinian Arabs. Israel granted them
autonomy in Jericho and other towns and settlements in the West Bank.
Israel unilaterally withdrew its civilians and security forces from Gaza.
Did the Arabs recognize this as a peace gesture? No! They have continued
their war against our democratic ally. As they are asking the Israelis for
=93confidence building measures=94 they kill innocent Israeli civilians.

Until the Arabs demonstrate a desire for peace it is counter productive to
offer any more concessions any more territory. Until the Arabs recognize
their obligation and need to live along side Israel Annapolis 2007 will
bear no better results than Munich Pact of 1938 or Oslo Agreement of 1993.

Respectfully yours

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