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Date: Thu 6 Dec 2007
Subject: [Vipac-letters] Support Israel! End Your PLO Support over Temple

Dear Mr. President:

On Thursday December 6 the Palestine Legislative Council voted for a
bill that would make it illegal under Palestinian Arab law for Muhammad
Abbas to agree to any compromise on Jerusalem. This bill is expected to
pass its next two readings before the PLC after which Abbas is expected
to sign it into law. This extreme inflexible stance by the Palestinian
Arabs for their false outrageous claim of ownership of the Temple Mount
in Jerusalem is the natural outcome of your administration's continual
appeasement of the Palestinian Arab Authority.

As they launched thousands of rockets from Gaza against Israel your
administration decided to increase its funding of the Palestinian
Authority. When they came to Annapolis and refused to recognize Israel as
a Jewish State your administration praised their commitment to peace.
While they have repeated their lies of ownership of the Temple Mount in
Jerusalem your administration has maintained a respectful silence. Now
they have declared it "illegal" to consider any compromise over Jerusalem
with Israel and your administration continues its respectful silence for
this egregious Arab disrespect of the Biblical historical and
archeological record.

At long last Mr. President please tell the Palestinian Arabs that America
has had enough of their bloodshed and lies. Tell them that the hundreds
of millions of dollars that you send them each year will stop. Tell them
that all their "diplomats" whom you have invited to our country will be
expelled. And finally tell them that your support for a Palestinian
government will end until they accept eternal Israeli sovereignty over the
Temple Mount of Jerusalem. If they cannot compromise on this issue where
there is so much historical and scientific evidence that they are
completely wrong then there is no way they can make the other compromises
necessary to become peaceful neighbors of the Jewish State of Israel.
Therefore the Palestinian Arabs deserve no further American support until
they accept eternal Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount in





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