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Date: Thu 30 Mar 2000
Subject: Support Israel not PLO Nazis


Dear Mr. President

On 3/26/00 the PLO arrested four residents of the village of Walajeh for
having sold lands to Jews. This is a violation of the racist PA law which
carries a punishment of death. This law has been carried out in the recent
past with the PLO imprisoning torturing and even killing people who have
sold land to Jews.

Your administration has made no public protest about this matter. You have
not demanded the immediate release of those people arrested by the PLO. You
have not insisted upon the elimination of this murderous racist law from the
PLO's legal code. You have not even publicly said that you think these
recent racist arrests were wrong. You just keep the flow of hundreds of
millions of US taxpayers' dollars passing unhindered into the coffers of the

I think your policy of continuing to give money to the PLO while it enforces
a Nazi policy of making portions of the Holy Land Judenrien is wrong
immoral and unAmerican. Ethnic cleansing enforced by the PLO should not be
subsidized by American tax dollars. Please stop your appeasement of the
PLO's Nazi policies. Instead please support Israel's historical and
Biblical rights--and security claims--in Judea Samaria and the Golan


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