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From: Martin Berkowitz
Date: Thu 6 Apr 2000
Subject: Free The Iranian Jews - Support Israel


Dear Sir

The Iranian government has imprisoned thirteen Jews for over one year on
charges of spying for our government and Israel. They are being
imprisoned because of their religious beliefs in the manner that Jews
have been persecuted in both the Moslem and Christian lands for

The New York Times reported that "Iranian Jews are allowed to practice
aspects of their religion but are forbidden to teach Hebrew." The Jews of
Iran are not free and are not safe.

According to the Encyclopedia Judaica there were about 95000 Jews in
Iran in 1948. The New York Times reported on Thursday that there were
approximately 80000 Jews in Iran before the revolution in 1979 and today
there are about 25000 remaining. The religious persecution of the
Iranian Jewish population is continuing in our day. This persecution is
continuing at a time when Catholic leaders have recognized the evils of
religious persecution and have offered a rapproachment with the Jews of
Israel and the world.

I urge you to do your utmost to free the thirteen Jewish prisoners and
support freedom of religion for all peoples in Iran. I urge you to
support Israel - the Jewish homeland.

Respectfully yours

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