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Date: 12 Oct 2000
Subject: Support Israel:Israel has No Peace Partner


Dear Sir:

With good faith and a brave heart Ehud Barak complied with the UN
resolution requiring Israel to withdraw from Lebanon. This withdrawal was
supposed to start Israel and Lebanon on the road to peace and the
normalization of relations.

However Lebanon has shown themselves to be un-interested in peace. With
the repeated assaults by Hamas across the Israel-Lebanon border it is
becoming clear that Israel's northern border is once again under attack.

Prime Minister Barak has shown himself a willing partner in peace while
the Arab people have proven that they are unwilling to give up their
lifestyle of violence and terrorism.

I implore you to support Israel in protecting its soverign borders and
it's citizens. Put pressure on the Arab people to stop the bloodshed and
come to the table prepared for a true and lasting peace.


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